Mission Statement

The Discovery Learning Project promotes the development and use of discovery or inquiry-based methods of teaching and learning. This project is predicated on the belief that all students have creative ability which can be further developed utilizing the many techniques of inquiry-based learning. The University of Texas at Austin has an illustrious history of innovation in this style of teaching and learning. UT professors R. L. Moore in mathematics and R. N. Little in physics each developed inquiry-based approaches to teaching that transformed their students from knowledge consumers to knowledge creators and interpreters. The Discovery Learning Project is building on that legacy of innovation and developing inquiry-based learning opportunities in line with recommendations of the National Science Foundation report, "Shaping the Future Report: New Expectations for Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology" and of the National Research Council report, "From Analysis to Action: Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology." Our goal is to improve students' abilities as independent thinkers and to encourage them to become life-long learners. The Project is supported by The Educational Advancement Foundation, a private foundation, and the College of Natural Sciences.